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The 2018 FIFA World Cup is not just the world’s most exciting sporting event, but it’s also a massive business opportunity. Over four weeks, thirty-two national teams will battle it out in front of at least three billion excited fans who will spend more time online, watching TV, see more advertising and are more.

In the same context, PPRO published this report on e-commerce and business conditions for the thirty-two participating countries in the 2018 World Cup. So, take a quick glance:

E-Commerce Landscape in the Participating Countries in the 2018 World Cup:

  • Brazil holds the highest number of online population with almost 123 million, followed by Japan with almost 116 million and then Russia with over 101 million.
  • B2C e-commerce spend reaches its peak in the UK with a total of $203 billion. This is followed by Germany ($106.9 billion), Japan ($89 billion) and France ($75.76 billion).
  • In contrast, Iceland and Croatia have the lowest B2C e-commerce spend with 0.33 billion and 0.43 billion, respectively. These are followed by Peru ($2.3 billion), Morocco ($2.6 billion) and Saudi Arabia ($4.5 billion).
  • Airlines & hotels are the top e-commerce segments in all studied countries, but in Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Morocco, Peru and South Korea clothing & footwear are the top e-commerce segments.

Payment Methods in the Participating Countries in the 2018 World Cup:

  • In terms of the most preferred payment methods, cards ranked at the top in South Korea with a rate of 74%, followed by Spain (66%), Brazil (66%) and Portugal (65%).
  • E-wallets are frequently used in countries like Croatia (47%), Russia (39%), the UK (27%) and Germany (23%).
  • Using cash is more popular in Arab countries such as Egypt, KSA and Morocco which depend mainly on this method with rates of 74%, 66% and 47%, respectively.
E-commerce statistics in the 32 countries participated the World Cup 2018

A Graph Shows the Top E-commerce Segments & Most Preferred Payment Methods in Russia in 2018

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