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There are a few questions in the marketing field that need to be answered, what separates successful marketing teams from the rest? what are the most successful marketers doing differently to achieve success? and how does your team stack up against others in the industry?

This state of marketing report answers all the above questions, let’s get through the answers.

Is Your Marketing Successful?

It is reported that 77% of marketers report being successful, therefore the following chart answers the question “is your marketing successful?”

The Utmost State of Marketing Report | DMC

According to the state of marketing insights, the above data suggests that for most marketers, there is ample room to improve. Anyhow, it also shows that most marketers in the survey are headed in the right direction, with a slim percentage outright reporting lackluster results.

  • 16% reported that their marketing is very successful.
  • 61% reported that their marketing is somewhat successful.
  • Moreover, 19% reported that their marketing is neutral.
  • Also, a percentage of 4% reported that it is somewhat unsuccessful.
  • Additionally, 0% reported that it is very unsuccessful.

Are Marketers Documenting Strategy?

Planning doesn’t stop with a documented strategy. Marketers who usually or always plan their projects and campaigns when executing against their strategy are 356% more likely to report success

Based on the state of marketing insights, 57% of marketers who reported being very organized had a complete documented strategy. Also, 89% of marketers who are very organized and have a documented strategy report being at least somewhat successful (with 54% reporting being somewhat successful and 35% reporting being very successful)

The following chart shows the percentage of marketers who document strategy;

The Utmost State of Marketing Report | DMC

The Table of Content of ” State of Marketing 2019″ Report:

  • Introduction
  • Top 4 Insights From 2018
  • Top 5 Insights For 2019
  • Marketers + Success
  • Organization + Success
  • Goals + Success
  • Documented Strategy + Success
  • Proactive Planning + Success
  • Agile Project Management + Success
  • Additional Benchmarks and Insights
  • Report Summary
  • What is CoSchedule?
  • Survey Methodology
  • Who Took the Survey?
  • Industry Breakdown

Number of Pages:

  • 27 pages


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This data is based on findings from a survey that was distributed to CoSchedule email subscribers and social media followers. Out of 3,599 respondents, 2,055 reported belonging to a marketing team, either as part of an agency or in-house team in a small-to-medium business or large enterprise. The insights included in this report focus on the findings from marketers who work within a company or organized.

From there, the data was crunched to either confirm or refute our hypotheses about what makes marketing teams most successful. Then, the statistical relevance was calculated to determine the validity of each set of responses had at least a moderate correlation with success. While this was not a deep scientific study, it was intended to gather useful insights about the state of marketing management and strategy, based on actual data from real marketers.


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