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The 2016 State of Social Business | Altimeter

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The practice of social business is evolving so quickly and into so many existing, mature business functions. Businesses executives from around the globe are allocating more and more investments in social marketing programs and anticipating its positive impacts on the business results:

  • 77% of respondents said they have a strong business case for social media investment and they feel positive about the ROI of social spend.
  • 82% of marketers surveyed noted that “Customer Experience” & “Innovation” are their top priorities, overtaking “Brand Health” as an objective for the first time.
  • Focusing on customer centricity is translating into increased use of social data for innovation. As a priority, this increased to reach 50% in 2016 up from a rate of 14% in 2013.
  • 41% of social strategists are choosing “Providing social education and training to build new skills” as a top internal priority.
  • 79% of strategists agreed that the social team is becoming more operational and a platform for other innovation teams to test new e-commerce approaches.

However, social media investment priorities could have been among the areas of significant implementation maturity and with a proven ROI and results. And also there are some social programs comes as high investment priority but with low levels of implementation low maturity (top left quadrant of the below matrix) and it’s anticipated that the most significant level of dynamism will be associated with those high priority / low maturity areas.

A Graph Shows The Investment Priority Versus The Implantation Maturity.

A Graph Shows The Investment Priority Versus The Implantation Maturity.


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