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The 2018 Amazon Shopper Behavior Study | CPC Strategy


Amazon still the undisputed king of online shopping and advertising on Amazon is reaching full maturity. JP Morgan estimated that the advertising revenue of Amazon could skyrocket to $4.5 billion in 2018, a 61% increase from $2.8 billion in 2017. So, in 2018, CPC Strategy surveyed more than 1500 US Amazon shoppers to track their behavior when using Amazon. Let’s cast a quick glance at the top line findings:

The Use of Amazon to Discover New Products or Brands

  • Nearly 80% of shoppers use Amazon to discover new products or brands, 27.2% of them use it frequently.
  • 4% of Amazon shoppers are more willing to buy unfamiliar brand on Amazon than any other store.
  • Only 28.5% of Amazon shoppers have already bought something on Amazon over Black Friday weekend in 2017, compared to 23.3% who do so but on Prime Day in 2017.
  • It worth to be mentioned that, over 70% of Amazon shoppers are either moderately or very concerned about counterfeit products on Amazon.
  • 78.8% of Amazon shoppers still occasionally or always check Amazon prices against other sites, while 24.2% usually make purchases on Amazon without comparing prices on other sites.

A Graph Shows the Frequency of Using Amazon to Discover New Products or Brands in 2018

The Most Preferred Devices for Shopping on Amazon

  • Desktop computers or laptops are the major devices that 67% of Amazon shoppers use usually when purchasing something on Amazon.
  • Although 50% of Amazon internet traffic is from mobile devices, only 24% of respondents shopping on Amazon using such devices.
  • In terms of using voice-enabled devices, just 14.2% of Amazon shoppers have used them in the last six months.
  • 9% of them claimed that they own Amazon Echo or Dot, while 9.8% own Google Home and only 1.5% own apple homepod.

The Amazon Search Experience and Decision

  • 46.9% of Amazon shoppers are more likely to go beyond the first page of results on Amazon to check third, fourth, fifth pages, and beyond, compared to over 50% who aren’t willing to go beyond the second page.
  • 35% of Amazon shoppers click on the first product featured on a search page and the first three items displayed in search results account for 64% of clicks.
  • The vast majority of Amazon shoppers (41.9%) are influenced by price when making a purchase on the platform. This is followed by the convenience of shipping with a rate of 14.9%.
  • Nearly 80% of Amazon shoppers don’t entirely trust reviews on Amazon, compared to just 17.4% who are fully trusted reviews on Amazon.

A Graph Shows the Most Preferred Devices for Shopping on Amazon in 2018


Data were driven from 1505 online respondents between the ages of 18-65+ and located within the US. The survey was conducted between February 07, 2018 and February 09, 2018.

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