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The State of Digital Healthcare in 2017 | HIMSS

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The last decade has seen an explosion in delivering and managing healthcare. Many innovations have been made possible due to the breakthrough in the field of software sciences and other technologies.

Find out more about the state of digital marketing in healthcare in 2017:

  • Websites were the top digital marketing method used at the hospitals’ system, although it dropped about 9%, from 95% in 2015 to reach 86% in 2016.
  • This was followed by social media marketing at a rate of 77% and online advertising with 73%.
  • Despite there was a decrease estimated with 13% than the last year, Facebook topped the total of all active social media channels accounts with a rate of 80% in 2016.
  • Instagram is the only social media channel which increased by +4% to reach 52% in 2016.
  • Boosting Facebook posts is the most online advertising technique used in the healthcare sector in 2016 with a rate of 83%, followed by Google AdWord or similar services (78%).
  • To measure the ROI, most of the healthcare marketers depend mainly on Google Analytics (77%), and then HootSuite (41%).
  • On average, 41% of website visitors use mobile devices to access their site.
The State of Digital Healthcare in 2017 HIMSS

A Graph Shows the Used Digital Marketing Channels That Currently Used at Hospitals in 2017


Data were driven from 230 healthcare marketers and digital professionals in the US. The sampling error estimated with +/-5.4% at the 90% confidence level.


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