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The State of the Amazon Marketplace 2017 | Feedvisor


Amazon now employs more than 25,000 people, this number is increasing in an incredible way and will not stop. Amazon sellers know that nothing on Amazon stays the same for long, what might be in demand one week may not be in demand the next week.

Figure out a brief of the State of the Amazon Marketplace 2017 and learn more about merchants’ selling habits, revenue, concerns, and plans for the future:

  • In the US, the South & the West regions hold the highest concentration of Amazon sellers (33% for both of them).
  • California is the top state for Amazon sellers (13% of respondents).
  • Amazon attracted new sellers in recent years (29% of sellers were added since less than 1 year).
  • 60% of respondents reported that most of their revenue comes from Amazon, including 46% achieved 81%-100% of their revenue from Amazon.
  • 65% of respondents are selling on eBay besides Amazon, while 39% indicated that they are selling on their own website.
  • 71% of sellers who sell on eBay besides Amazon achieve more than $2 million in annual revenue sell.
  • Home/ kitchen, books/movies, and toys/games top the category where sellers sell the most on Amazon (18%, 11% % 10% respectively).
  • The vast majority of Amazon merchants (72%) sell less than $250K annually.
  • 52% of respondents cited that their biggest fear was that Amazon would take away their seller privileges.
  • Approximately 60% of sellers are planning to expand to other platforms, 51% will be adding private label products to their portfolios, and 44% expect to expand globally with Amazon.
The State of the Amazon Marketplace 2017 Feedvisor

Map Shows the Location of Amazon Sellers by State in 2017


Data were driven from 1,600 of Amazon sellers in the United States.


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