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Truecaller Insights: The Top 20 Countries Affected by Spam Calls, July 2017 | Truecaller

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Scam calls – which seeks to steal the recipient’s money or personal information – and spam calls – which are unwanted communication with sales goal – are have been on the rise ever since the advent of mobile phones. But nowadays you can fight against the spams thanks to the Truecaller app which filters out the unwanted spam calls and SMS.

Have a glimpse of the top countries that have been most affected by the spam calls in 2017 via the Truecaller insights:

  • India: Is the most affected country by spam calls with an average of Truecaller user receiving 22.6 spam calls per month.
  • Egypt: Egypt is the country that is receiving the most scam calls by a steal aim.
  • The United States & Brazil: They ranked the second place with an average of 20.7 calls per user each month.
  • Chile: Most of Chile’s spam calls are from financial services trying to sell new loans, while the 2nd largest spam calls there are from debt collectors.
  • South Africa: Telemarketing calls top all spam calls there with a rate of 39%, followed by financial (24%) and insurance (13%).
  • Turkey: Calls received from financial services companies are the top spam calls in Turkey.
  • Nigeria: This country is plagued by spam calls from operators (recorded calls) with a rate of 61%.
  • The United Kingdom: Similar to South Africa, telemarketing calls lead all spam calls in the UK with a rate of 31%.

Truecaller Insights The Top 20 Countries Affected by Spam Calls, July 2017


Data were driven from aggregated of incoming calls that either has been marked as spam by users – or automatically been flagged by Truecaller during the period of January 1st to May 31st, 2017.


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