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UK Digital Market Overview – Q2 2018 | UKOM & comScore

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With over 48,7 millions of the UK population who access the internet in 2018, mobile devices’ consumption continues to grow steadily, with over 39 million of them use mobile devices. A recent study conducted by comScore & UKOM on the UK online users to better understand the online behaviour of them. Data revealed that there is an increase in the mobile universe among UK digital users from 4 to 10 million in 2018 and a more significant reduction in the desktop PC user base.

Take a sneak peek at the top-line finding of the online behaviour of the UK digital users:

Key Insights Into the Most Used Devices by Digital Users in the UK

  • In general, mobile devices (both smartphone & tablets) now account nearly three-quarters of all UK adults’ online minutes, while smartphones only account 62% of all adult online minutes.
  • In contrast, among older audiences (aged 55+) desktops have the higher reach.
  • Adult females are much more likely than males to spend more time on smartphones (68% vs. 57), while males are more likely to do so but on desktops (32% vs. 19%).
  • Both UK mums and dads are more likely to spend time on mobile devices than single females and males with no kids.
  • 62% of UK online adults are a multi-platform, while 29% are mobile-only users.
  • Males are more likely to be multi-platform than females (66% vs. 57%).
UK Digital Market Overview – Q2 2018 | UKOM & comScore 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Two Pie Charts Show the Share of Time Spent Online by UK Digital Users in 2018

Top UK Mobile Properties and Apps

  • Google Sites ranked the top of all properties used by UK digital users with almost 985, followed by Facebook, BBC sites, Microsoft sites and Amazon sites.
  • Google Sites also are the top-ranked properties in terms of time spent, followed far by Facebook and Spotify.
  • Mobile devices account for more than 90% of time spent on Spotify & Snapchat, 83% on Facebook and 52% on BBC sites.
  • Desktops account for 57% of time spent on Netflix Inc, 55% on Oath, and 52% on Microsoft sites.

A Focus on the Mobile Usage in the UK

  • 91% of the UK online adult population use mobile devices (smartphone & tablets), and 74% use mobile apps.
  • Mobile apps account for 63% of all minutes, while smartphone apps account for 54% of all minutes.
  • YouTube, Facebook and Spotify are the top three mobile apps and smartphone apps ranked by minutes spent on apps, while Snapchat and YouTube are the top on Desktops.
UK Digital Market Overview – Q2 2018 | UKOM & comScore 2 | Digital Marketing Community

A Figure Shows the Top 20 Mobile Properties in the UK Ranked by Unique Visitors in 2018



UKOM is the community where industry stakeholders in the UK come together to define and govern their standard for audience measurement across PC, tablet and smartphone devices.UKOM is specialized in studying audiences and consumers by focusing mainly on quantifying audiences in terms of people, not browsers or machines because they believe that demography still lies at the heart of what advertisers want to achieve.The UKOM Digital Marketing Overview provides insights into what the UK Population is doing online by launching a quarterly top-line snapshot of audience behavior across devices.


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