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3 Ways to Come Up With Extra Gift Money Fast

Growth Hacking | Jul 04, 2019

As a marketer, it can be difficult to find the time and mental energy to keep track of all the birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions in your life. As a result, we often wind up overlooking such events until the last moment as we’re inundated with work tasks that are essential for satisfying the requirements for large projects or ongoing client expectations.

Another common scenario faced by marketers is having funds tied up in invoices or with service suppliers. Luckily, marketers are also very creative, and we can usually find our way out of a bind rather quickly.

With that said, here are three ways you can come up with quick funding to solve any personal cash flow jams that might be affecting your ability to purchase a gift for a loved one:

How Marketers Can Come Up With Extra Gift Money Fast: 3 Key Ways

How Marketers Can Come Up With Extra Gift Money Fast: 3 Key Ways

1. Personal Loan

While personal loans aren’t recommended for the purposes of enhancing your marketing business or career, they’re great for personal purposes like coming up with extra gift money fast. You can get a personal cash loan of up to $2,500 without ever leaving your home and the money can hit your bank account in just 1-2 days. Thus, these are ideal when you’ve just remembered an important upcoming event and need a bit of extra cash flow to cover it on short notice. Look for reputable personal loans online to avoid any issues.

2. Start a Quick Family Fundraiser

Most people are willing to chip in towards gift money if it’s for a close friend or family member, especially if they know you’re a marketer and should have no problem them paying them back or returning the favor in due time. Use the simple marketing skill of sending out mass emails and CC all of your closest friends and acquaintances to see who can help you with your personal accounting hiccup. You could even set up a private Go Fund Me page and direct traffic to that page. As a marketer, your job is ultimately to generate conversions for clients, so why not put that ability towards rounding up some quick gift money?

3. Invoice Factoring to Get Your Personal Funds Back In Tact

If you’re only pressed for gift money because you’re waiting on a payment form a large invoice, you might be able to get an invoice factoring company to advance you the payment in exchange for taking the interest back when you get paid. If you have a consistent history of getting paid by the same client through recorded invoices, this might be an option worth looking into.

Create a Special Occasion Calendar

In closing, the best way to avoid similar mishaps in the future is to create a special occasion calendar that marks all of the gift-giving dates in your life. That way, you’ll never find yourself in the awkward situation of having to rush into gift-buying at the last moment.

Since writing things down or visualizing them on a computer screen is a great way to strengthen your memory around the dates and people on your calendar, you might never have to look at it again after you’ve taken the time to make it.

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