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3 Ways to Get the Most From Your Marketing Team

Growth Hacking | Aug 22, 2019

Whether it’s just you or whether you manage a team of marketers, staying motivated and working efficiently is super important. It can often be easy to burn out when the workload becomes too much, which is why you need to have tactics in place to get the most from your team and keep everyone happy and content, as well as working hard.

Working together as a team is necessary for your company's success. How to make your marketing team more effective and productive. Find the 3 effective ways to get the most from your marketing team

Working Together as a Team is Necessary for Your Company’s Success

Here are three tips that can be used to get the most from your marketing team…

Tip #1 Introduce Flexible Working Hours

There has been a lot of research recently into the impact of flexible working hours and remote working has on employees. A lot of research seems to conclude that flexible working has a positive impact on productivity.

Because so many jobs can be done with a laptop over the internet, people are able to clock in, log on, and get to work just about anywhere. Among the reasons for people enjoying this working arrangement are because it gives them a better work-life balance. They get to spend time with family and friends, and as long as the work gets done, most employers seem happy to offer this flexible working environment.

Tip #2 Send Your Team on a Training Course

Continuing professional development is really important, especially in a field like marketing, where best practices and principles can change very quickly. You will want to ensure that your team are all up to date with what’s happening in the industry and have relevant qualifications.

Sending your team to learn about PPC advertising on a Google Ads course will help them to keep their skills up to date and boost their confidence. If you’re an agency, it could also give you a competitive advantage.

Having a team that is fully clued up on the latest changes Google or Facebook has made is likely to be something that ranks highly in a customer’s mind, and most courses offer certification once complete.

Tip #3 Create Clear Feedback and Communication Channels

If you are open and honest with your team, then they are likely to reciprocate, which is vital to building trust. It works both ways; your team wants to be able to trust that if they have made a mistake, they can tell you so it can be resolved quickly without too much damage.

Similarly, as a manager, although you may want to try and stay in control, you will need to delegate to get things done. It’s therefore vital that you can trust your team to complete tasks on time and to a good standard without having to check in on them or continuously look over their shoulder.

Having clear and regular feedback sessions is also important. It’s a great chance for you to speak with your team to find out where they need support and where they think their strengths lie. You should also use it as an opportunity for upward feedback. This is where you allow your team to give you positive and constructive feedback to help you improve your management skills.

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