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The 6 Key Ways to Improve SEO Ranking for Your eCommerce Site in 2019

Search Engine Optimization | Aug 15, 2019

Using different tactics to improve SEO for eCommerce sites is very important for website ranking. SEO is an inseparable part of every online business in order to get more traffic to your website.

However, with the changing updates and new approaches, you will need to consider a lot of details so as not to stay out of the search engines.

The first thing you need to do is to choose which of these series of tactics are the best and the most actionable for your business. Hiring the right eCommerce SEO agency will bring you a long-lasting success, as they suggest the best SEO services for e-commerce websites.

Find out the 6 Key Ways to Improve SEO Ranking for Your eCommerce Site in 2019. The common tips that you can implement for improving SEO for your website

Let’s Make Your eCommerce Website Rank High

However, before all, let us have a look at some common tips that you can implement to improve SEO for your website:

Tip #1 Using Unique Titles, Contents, and Meta Descriptions:

These three elements are the first insight on your website. They should correspond to each other and the search intent. Besides, you need to use quality content as it helps to give your website visitors a good user experience.

In case you use duplicate content the search engines can find it difficult to decide which one is relevant to the search and it can impact search engine ranking.

Tip #2 Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Devices:

A mobile-friendly website is critical In terms of SEO. People are spending more time on mobile gadgets than other devices. The visitors should navigate fast and easily, without delays.

If you do not pay enough attention to mobile optimization, you will never manage to succeed.

Tip #3 Improving Website Loading Speed:

Website loading time is an important SEO ranking factor. If your website load speed is not fast, visitors will leave it and you will lose your paying customers. Through online website speed tests, you can check it from different places.

Tip #4 Finding and Fixing Broken Links:

Broken links can harm your website ranking. Checking them on your website is a must if you do not want to make for bad user experience. Due to a number of tools, you can easily find and fix them. It is an essential step when it comes to SEO, as it can crush your SEO ranking.

Tip #5 Securing Your Website:

Paying attention to SSL is another important SEO signal. HTTPS creates a secure connection through which the website information is protected from being stolen.

Google recommends using HTTPS instead of HTTP, as well it builds trust among the eCommerce business and the consumer, as people pay much attention to website security.

Tip #6 Being Available:

You need to have all the needed contact information on your website (including email address, phone number, location, etc.). Besides, your visitors should get all the extra information they need to contacting you.

If you do not manage to have 24/7 support, you can use some AI tools (I.e. chatbots) for being available. You can as well encourage sharing on social media. This is a huge platform, where people share information, opinions and through it, you get your SEO ranking improved.


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