Case Study: Why App Ratings Matter & The Winning Approach to Get 5-Star Ratings

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Why App Ratings Matter & The Winning Approach to Get 5-Star Ratings (Case Study)

Mobile Apps | Dec 15, 2018

Zinio is an online newsstand, brings thousands upon thousands of magazines to the people who love them. By paying once for a magazine subscription or single issue, readers can view the content on whatever PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone they prefer.

The Problem: 

Due to a recent app redesign involving an inevitable server migration, many existing users who were affected by the migration, complained and posted negative reviews in the App Store.  As a result of the low ratings received post migration, ZINIO’s overall rating in the App Store decreased from 4.2 to 2.1.

Zinio App Rating


According to Zinio App data, the rating and reviews effect on the consideration when users install, upgrade or make a purchase. It also effect on the installation conversion rate.

Mobile Apps Rating Matters


Mobile Apps Rating Matters 2


The Solution: 

Setting up an automated in-app campaign, prompting users to rate ZINIO at the Right Time & Right Moment.

Campaign Overview:

Integrating an App Store ranking mechanism inside the app, allowed tapping into the Silent Majority (satisfied users who rarely leave ratings or reviews), and encourage them to express their love for the brand by rating us in the App Store, plus gather feedback from less satisfied customers for future improvements.


USER JOURNEY: Promoter (users who click “Rate Now”)

Users Journey to Rate the App



  • Increase 5-Star App Ratings.
  • Prevent negative reviews from appearing in the App Store.
  • Get important feedback from disgruntled users, by redirecting low-rating users to a non-public feedback page.

Target Audience:

We identified the Perfect Reviewer – users most likely to rate us 5 Stars – by running several tests targeting different segments of our user base. For each segment, the test campaigns ran on only 10% of the qualifying audience.

The 3 most engaged segments out of the 15 segments on which we ran the tests, delivered between 36 – 41% NPS Promoters (users highly likely to rate us with 5 Stars), so for those segments we ramped up the campaigns, targeting 100% of the audience.  


  • 150% increase in Total Number of 5-Star Ratings in 6 months.

Zinio App - Campaign Results


  • Average Rating increased from 2.1 to 2.3

Zinio App - Campaign Results 2


By: Mirela Cialai

Global Digital Marketing Specialist at Zinio

Mirela Cialai


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