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4 Big No-No’s for Aspiring Digital Marketers

Digital Marketing | Apr 20, 2023

Successful campaigns strictly depend on the strategies you choose to use. The digital marketing world is evolving. It’s in a constant run for new tactics and working techniques. That’s why aspiring digital marketers should understand that the things that might have worked before are useless now and can even harm a brand’s reputation. 

If you are a marketing student, you might be required to write an essay that explores the development of marketing over time. While researching this subject might be interesting, it can also be challenging. You could be thinking about hiring a history essay writer who has a grasp of digital marketing basics to do this task.

Developing marketing skills takes time, and you will have to learn from your mistakes. But you can avoid some of the pitfalls. Want to stay aware of the biggest mistakes you can make as a digital marketer? Here is a clear list of what not to do. 

Keyword Stuffing 

Keywords are essential for search engines to recognize your content and push it forward. However, keyword stuffing is a tactic that you need to forget about. What is it about? This is a method of forcefully attracting the attention of search engines by cramming as much as possible of the related keywords. 

The problem with keyword stuffing is that most of the time, these keywords don’t suit the context and make the content look less appealing to the human reader. As for search engines, they have become more sophisticated than you think. Now they can detect keywords in the text and identify whether it’s an overload or not.

Unfortunately, sometimes keyword stuffing can happen by accident. You just don’t realize how many times you used the same key phrase. It’s important to be more attentive while writing. Use keywords only when it makes sense. If you notice that you need to use the same term many times, seek synonyms. Also, once the text is finished, use special software that shows keyword density. 

Pop-up Windows on the Website

Pop-ups and pop-unders are already outdated and becoming more and more repulsive. These are also ways of advertising. The brands put these screen pops on their websites to grab viewers’ attention. But instead, now, when advertising should be more and more subtle, this can be a real deal breaker. It’s better not to interrupt users’ reading experience and find other ways to make them interested. 

Buying Followers and Views

Another unacceptable marketing hack is using various apps to boost activity on a brand’s social media account. Now it’s easier than ever to differentiate natural growth on account from a forced one. Many confusing situations may happen when trying this method to fool the algorithm. 

For example, you can see a large number of likes on a video with the views remaining low. This happens when no one takes the time to view the content. But that’s not the main negative thing. Most of the followers you buy are simple bot accounts with no real human standing behind them. It’s not worth having a bunch of subscribers that don’t bring any value to the account (replies, answers, comments, and ordering services or goods). 

More than that, your real-life followers can notice the fake ones and get distant from your brand. It also takes a lot of money to use this tactic, which could be allocated for a much better idea, such as launching a well-set ad campaign. This could at least attract real people that would be truly interested in your account. 

4 Big No-No’s for Aspiring Digital Marketers | DMC

Sending Emails to Unsubscribed Users

Sending unsolicited emails is an absolute no-no. Some apps help send hundreds of messages to random emails, which might seem like an awesome idea. Your brand can introduce itself and reach a great audience. Yet, this misconception will most likely damage your reputation. 

For instance, would you order an essay from a source that sends many sketchy emails to you? The chances are you’ll send those emails to a trash folder without even opening them. Instead, you would search for essay writing services that provide valuable information before asking you to opt-in to receive emails from them. There is no other way around it if you want to turn your prospects into clients.

Moreover, most unsolicited emails get stuck in the spam bin forever. Every email that you send should be personalized to be noticed. And a way to create a successful email campaign lies through people willingly leaving their contacts to you. Put your focus on building an email list of users that are active and don’t mind hearing from you. Also, don’t confuse this one with smart cold emailing. 

4 Big No-No’s for Aspiring Digital Marketers | DMC


Aspiring digital marketers should be extremely careful when it comes to discovering digital marketing techniques. Some of them are already outdated and should be put aside. Remember what they are and find proven, up-to-date methods of attracting people’s attention on the Internet. The above tactics are clear examples of failed strategies, so refrain from them by all means. 

Amy Harrison


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