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Building an Authentic Brand Voice on Social Media: Tips and Best Practices

Branding | May 22, 2023

Brand development in social networks is a vital part of creating the image of the company and the product it represents and building a brand voice is a crucial step to jumpstart it in the digital marketing world.

First of all, social media involves direct communication with customers who are interested in buying the company’s products and that is why you need to be able to communicate with your audience and develop a unique voice that will be easy to remember and identify.

Various small and medium-sized businesses prefer social media as a platform through which they can promote their offerings to potentially more people and although these platforms were not originally conceived with a marketplace function, they are great for helping to create an advertising campaign and promote the products that are posted on their pages. 

What is the Tone of Voice?

Before you put your product on various media platforms, you need to do a lot of market analysis, competitors in your niche, and of course audience analysis. When you know more about your potential consumers you can build communication with them much more effectively and therefore make your service more attractive.

The tone of War is one of the marketing tools that is responsible for making sure that your business can attract an audience of your potential customers and hold their interest for a longer period of time.

The customer loves it when the brand speaks the same language as them and you get extra PR and recognition if your tone of war is unique and interesting to a large number of people.

In fact, you can also say that this is an important element of branding your company which helps in promoting the service or product that the business does. 

Authentic Brand Voice on Social Media | DMC

The voice of your company emphasizes your personality and helps the consumer to distinguish your company from others similar in the market. There are various pitchforks of the tone of voice and you can definitely find yours in the variety and match it exactly to your communication style and the look of your product.

You could say that there is a very simple qualification of types:


When you use this style, you will keep some distance and not rely on emotion but on the rationality of the communication with the client. This type implies that you will not abbreviate phrases and use slang words. You will be brief and convincing, very concise and accurate. Be careful applying this tone of voice, as it can seem to clients unemphatic and even indifferent to the questions they have when interacting with your business. 


Just like the previous type it loses in emotionality and soulfulness to the other options, but it gives status and helps maintain the business image of your company. Very concise text and a picture, all that would show the status of the company and not distract from its expertise with unnecessary emotional phrases and headlines.


In essence, this type assumes that you will communicate with your audience in a very simple and accessible way as if you’re buddies who haven’t seen each other for a long time and you have important topics to discuss. It implies empathy and soulfulness, emphasizing that your company is literally the same as the consumers, they care about the same problems and issues. This tone of voice is often preferred by companies who want to build brand loyalty. 


If you like to walk on the edge then this is definitely your option. This way involves a slightly provocative but flamboyant way of communicating with customers. Using jokes and everyday speech in your publications, the big disadvantage of this type is the possibility of making a big mistake.

Humor is sometimes an intangible thing and the author doesn’t always feel where to stop and go no further. However, even if you have made a mistake and your humor is not to the liking of your audience, you should not be afraid to admit your error and apologize. Everyone makes mistakes, being able to apologize and draw conclusions from the situation is much more important.

How to Create Your Voice Style on Social Media?

In fact, in social media, it all starts with research and analysis of the brand’s target audience because the first thing you have to do is to understand what type of audience you will have to work with. 

Also, you should pay attention to the values and positioning of your brand in the market because if you don’t know what the idea behind your product is you can’t create a unique voice that communicates to your audience. In fact,

  • The idea doesn’t always have to be global, for example, you can distinguish from the fact that you want to provide the highest quality product for the lowest price or create a luxury product for people who appreciate the uniqueness of each item they spend money on.
  • By understanding yourself and the objectives of your company you can form a coherent and valuable proposal to the audience and choose the voice that will be most appropriate to convey your message.
  • Think about what differentiates you from your competitors and what unique you can offer to the consumer, this should be the foundation of your brand message. 

Once you have worked on your style and chosen what kind of tone of voice suits your brand, you can start working on your social media profile and improve it with a certain understanding of how you want to see your communication with the consumer.

Authentic Brand Voice on Social Media | DMC

Practical Tips:

  • In order to build your unique voice style, you definitely need to know how to ask for help. You can use various apps that will help you keep track of how your publications are performing and whether your communication is getting the proper response from your customers. Use a social media calendar to keep track of your publications and create the most converting content possible. 
  • Feel free to speak directly to your audience. Respond to users in comments, ask for their advice, and share your knowledge. Try to be closer to your audience if you choose a more lively tone of communication with them. Use a variety of content, making sure visual content reinforces textual content and vice versa.
  • Don’t forget to diversify your content with a video format. Now it is absolutely necessary to work with videos and add them to your profile. If you doubt you can do it right away, you can use reel templates. Talk about your company and the events it holds, share the opinions of experts, and conduct live broadcasts. Try to maximize engagement and demand interaction with your profile from your subscribers. This will bring your account to the top and you’ll get an additional audience without spending money on it.

In today’s world, it’s just silly not to take advantage of business opportunities. By using the maximum number of tools to engage your audience, you will get amazing results and increase your profits. Creating an authentic brand voice in social networks is one available but very effective tool to interact with your audience and create a loyal circle of customers.

Julia Steward


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