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How to Produce a Digital Marketing Campaign to Blow Your Audience Away

Digital Marketing | Sep 02, 2019

Anyone can put together a digital marketing campaign, but with every business doing it, it’s becoming harder and harder to stick out. If you want to run a unique and effective digital marketing campaign, this is what you need to do.

How to Produce a Digital Marketing Campaign to Blow Your Audience Away

How to Produce a Digital Marketing Campaign to Blow Your Audience Away

Get Specific About Your Target Audience

The better you understand your target audience, the easier it will be to market to them. You can never have too much information when it comes to the makeup of your audience in terms of demographics. If you only have a vague idea of who your audience is, this is something that you should aim to address as soon as you can.

There are plenty of ways that you can go about finding out more about your audience, but the easiest way is to just ask them. As the ubiquity of Facebook demonstrates, people don’t care about handing over private information. If you ask customers to link their accounts with your online store with their social media accounts, many of them will. And, you can add whatever questions you like to the registration forms your users fill out – get as much information as you can.

Make Sure Your Website is Professional

The ultimate purpose of most digital marketing is to get people to visit your business’s website, where they will hopefully buy your products and services. If your website doesn’t look professional and create a good first impression, customers will leave and move on to one of your rivals.

For an example of what your website needs, check out Gumstix, a company that manufacture design-to-order circuit boards. Their website makes it instantly clear what the business does and why you should use them. About halfway down the page is a neat graphic with the title ‘Our Promise’. This box breaks down the process of buying from Gumstix Inc. as ‘Design. Build. Deliver.’ It’s snappy, memorable, and informative. Your website needs to make lots of information immediately available without being overwhelming.

Don’t Use Technology for the Sake of It

How many ads have you seen that use QR codes? We bet it’s a lot. How many of them have you ever scanned? Probably very few. QR codes are very useful for certain applications but are almost entirely useless for marketing. And yet, they continue to be deployed.

Using technological solutions where they aren’t warranted won’t make your marketing any more effective and can even be detrimental to the finished campaign.

Social Media Is Key

Even if you are someone who despises social media, it is the marketing platform that modern businesses need to master. Beneath all the bluff and bluster about connecting people and sharing memories, Facebook is nothing more than a highly sophisticated and sometimes very creepy advertising platform. But, despite its many faults, it is the most effective digital marketing platform out there today.

The right digital marketing campaign can make or break a new product or service. It is vital that you learn from every campaign that you run – always evaluate them to decide what worked and what didn’t. And remember, originality sells!


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