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8 Astounding Marketing Strategies for Your Business—Even If You Are a Beginner

Digital Marketing | Aug 01, 2019

The moment you start a business, everything almost seems slow. Statistics show that most small companies collapse at the early stages of their business. Growing a small business can cause you a throbbing headache before you find out a solution.

However, the secret to a successful business is in marketing. How do you market your business? Are you consistent? Do you use the right channels?

No matter how great your product is if you don’t market it, no one will know about it. This post explores the best marketing strategies you can use and grow your business.

Let’s examine each…

8 Astounding Marketing Strategies for Your Business—Even If You Are a Beginner 1 | Digital Marketing Community

1. Email Marketing

Are you into digital marketing? Email marketing is one of the best ways businesses reach out to their customers while launching their products.

Did you know that many people who sell from a site build trust with their clients first? This means that they communicate regularly with them. That’s why you will see a contact form on most sites where you fill your information to access a specific freebie.

They will then email you useful tips and later tell you about their products.  This form of marketing displays your credibility and authority first before starting to sell.

2. Webinars

With the increase in the use of the internet, most people enjoy webinars. Webinars are online seminars where people meet for a discussion virtually. Webinars are one of the best lead magnets you can use to gain email subscribers.

You could plan a free webinar and ask people who would love to attend to sign up. Promise to offer a solution to a problem your target audience is struggling to solve. The best thing about webinars is the fact that you can record them and use them later.

People love webinars more than videos because they interact with you one on one and ask you questions. It tends to be more valuable to them. Make use of webinars to connect with new clients and make your brand known to them.

3. Offer a Free Consultation

Do you offer professional services? Free consultations do so well with services. You need to demonstrate that you have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area of specialization. Clients are always looking for service providers who are well versed with the services they offer.

A free consultation gives your potential clients confidence that you could be the best fit for that project. Beware that there are freeloaders who might be there to get your free consultation and vanish.

Don’t worry about them because they are not real buyers. Anyone who loved your meeting will be glad to buy your services. A free consultation is an excellent way of making your potential clients about the existence of your services. You could do that for at least 30 minutes.

4. Make Use of Print Media

Many businesses are shifting online. While online marketing has gained popularity, print media still works. The prevalence of online marketing has caused the price of print media to lower. Most businesses don’t use print materials for advertising their products.

Doing this, especially during exhibitions and trade shows, could help you get a lot of clients. For example, you can have a booklet with all the details about your services or product and your contact information.

Give them to your potential customers in trade shows, and you will be experienced immense growth.

Research conducted revealed that printed materials increased the chances of buying from customers.

5. Do Content Marketing

Content marketing can make you have a booming business. But let me be sincere with you. It’s not easy. It needs time, money, and resources.

You also need to create relevant content with proper SEO. Content marketing is a long-term marketing strategy that aims to bring visitors to your blog. Through your informative posts, they are likely to follow you and buy your products.

You need to be consistent in distributing content so that your website can rank high on Google. You also need to be patient because you aim to get long-term results. Your content should not just be blog posts and product reviews. You should incorporate podcasts, videos, and online courses, among others.

6. Offer Incentives

Have you considered having a referral program for your customers? You could create a referrals program for those who help you to market your products. You could create an affiliate marketing program on your site.

If someone sells one product, you give them a commission. You would need to create a system that gives them a unique code once they sign up to your affiliate program.

7. Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are so popular and cheap means of advertising as well. The good thing about them is their ability to allow you to target people within a specific location, age, and sex. That’s a perfect way of helping you reach your ideal customers.

It’s easy to set up Facebook ads and select the plan you can afford. If you haven’t tried Facebook ads, you are missing a lot. You need to create a business page and reach and write a catchy headline.

Put a description of your advert and make it as compelling as possible. Add an image and a link to what you are selling and wait for sales!

8. Coupon Deal Sites

Did you know that you can reach many people by use of coupon deal sites like Groupon? When dealing with coupon deal sites, avoid having a mindset of making a profit. Instead, think about making people know more about your product.

This is because some coupon sites may want you to offer a 50% discount. In the end, you may end up having an influx of customers and make losses. Try to do your math well before going to coupon sites.

Final Word

Marketing is crucial in any business. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you should let people know about the existence of your product. The internet has made it easy to advertise your business without spending a fortune on print materials and also great marketing tools, especially during meetups and trade shows.

John Hayden


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