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The Ultimate Guide to Spam Trigger Words

Email Marketing | Jun 26, 2023

As all Internet marketing fans know, sales strategy is steadily shifting from generating cold leads to working with warm and loyal customers. The task is to increase the conversion at each stage of the funnel, including working after the purchase and growing regular customers. It is cheaper and more profitable than constantly attracting people to the first stage.

Actually, the business has always been built on working with regular customers, especially the service business. Trigger mailings just help unobtrusively and automatically work with customers at the later stages of the marketing funnel. In this article, you will find out the meaning of mailing triggers, how to create trigger messages, and their advantages.

What Is a Mailing Trigger?

A mailing trigger is a letter or message that is automatically sent to the addressee after a certain trigger works. The trigger word list is the list of words used in the triggered mailing and helps increase the conversion of your site. Let’s say you put items in your shopping cart and didn’t checkout. In a day or two, you will receive a letter with a reminder and/or a discount.

The Ultimate Guide to Spam Trigger Words 2023 | DMC

To create triggers, subscriber data from the email platform or website is used. Information about them can be collected according to different parameters: birthday, city, date of the last order or visited pages on the site. To send trigger emails, an email marketer creates special groups of subscribers segments. Sending conditions are written in the segment.

In marketing, a trigger is a psychological technique that motivates a client to perform a targeted action. Such a motivator can be a low price, a big discount, a limited duration of the promotion. By impulsively responding to a trigger phrase or image, the client performs a conversion action:

  • sends an application;
  • registers on the site;
  • joins a group on social networks;
  • places an order.

Benefits of Trigger Mailings

Emotional marketing messages can subconsciously influence readers. Using trigger words, you can convince people to act in a way that you need in several ways.

The main advantages of trigger breakers are:

  • Automation: triggers are set up, and letters are sent by themselves.
  • Heated subscription base: along with content mailings, trigger emails increase the number of contacts with the store, which can eventually lead to a sale.
  • Personalization: not only the name but also the letter content is adjusted to a specific addressee.
  • Convenient segmentation: using trigger mailings, it is easy to work with segments of the subscription base.
  • Suitable for everyone: any business from obvious online stores to B2B can use the trigger mailing tool.

The Ultimate Guide to Spam Trigger Words 2023 | DMC

Original, personal and up-to-date trigger SMS can increase business conversion by several times, as they hit right on target and quickly receive a response from the addressee. The main thing in such mailings is not to go too far and send messages “rarely, but aptly”.

How to Create a Trigger SMS for Mailing

There are countless “starter” words and phrases in marketing. What wording will lead to increased sales depends on the business. You need to test options and see which technique works best.

  1. Define a trigger

To create a customer newsletter, you first need to determine what will be the trigger and make the settings more specific. For example, a brand sends SMS in response to an abandoned shopping cart only if the value of the goods in it exceeds N dollars. To better target messages, use account information, browsing and purchase history.

  1. Build a base for messaging

Decide who the trigger is intended for particular clients or all of them. In the latter case, you need to be careful, as there is a chance that the offer will be too narrow and you will not accurately hit the target audience. It is also worth choosing a proven service for sending SMS, which guarantees the security of your databases.

  1. Make a skeleton of a letter

Trigger mailings are limited only by the author’s imagination, but they have a general scheme. The trigger should hit:

  • addressing the buyer by name;
  • sentence Explanation;
  • link.

Otherwise, the client needs to do too many actions, and the not very motivated user will ignore the call.

  1. Keep the timing

Keep in mind the timeliness of mailings and adequate spacing between elements of the message chain:

  • Timeliness

Set up messages so that the client has time to perform the desired action “of their own free will”. In other words, you should not send SMS with a request to return to the basket ten minutes after leaving it.

  • Intervals between messages

Trigger SMS quickly turn into spam if there are a lot of them and they come very often. Set the intervals between messages within a few hours or days, do not bombard with the same type of messages.

  • Adequate dispatch time

It is important to observe the delivery time of SMS. Set up mailings for morning or afternoon hours, avoiding night messages. No matter how important and profitable your offer is, hardly anyone wants to wake up from the sound of a notification.

To Sum Up

Combine emotional trigger words and a unique product, and the result will not keep you waiting. Whether you’re writing copy for email newsletters, blogs, social media, landing pages, or an online store, start tapping into users’ emotions and you’ll immediately see increased brand engagement and conversions.


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