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How to Create Video at the Speed of Social: 6 Ways to Get Video Produced Faster | Hightail

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Companies want to tap the power of video to drive sales and engage customers. But video requires a major investment of time, money and expertise.

Here are the 6 factors finding the right online creative collaboration tool to limit costs, accelerate video production and stick to timelines:

  • Intuitive Feedback
    • Being able to attach real-time feedback from multiple reviewers to actual video files in a dedicated creative collaboration video tool unifies feedback and ensures everyone is always on the same page.
  • Accurate Timestamp Tracking
    • Ideal solutions give reviewers the ability to put feedback at exact timestamps in a video timeline while allowing all reviewers to see that feedback.
  • Tight Version Control
    • Creative collaboration tools must provide historical context and prevent version mix-ups while also allowing reviewers to give feedback on the correct version.
  • Previews of Every Major File Format
    • The ideal creative collaboration tool allows for viewing any file format without any special software.
  • Clear Guidance on Approvals
    • Is the video approved? A well-designed tool ensures the entire collaborative team always knows who has approved and who has not, eliminating ambiguity about a video’s go-live status.
  • A Purpose-Built Creative Collaboration Platform Creative teams have different needs.
    • A platform that is intuitive and built specifically for the creative process can help teams adopt a new process faster so that businesses can begin to see the benefit.

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How to Create Video at the Speed of Social: 6 Ways to Get Video Produced Faster | Hightail

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