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Infographic: A Checklist for Good Email Design | Campaign Monitor & Really Good Emails 

Email Marketing

Designing really good emails that get attract your reader’s attention will be easy when following these tips about the email design, which also highlights the technical aspects to keep in mind:

  • Set Up:  Before diving into design use these tactics to create open-inducing emails:
    • Subject line.
    • Preheader text.
    • Personalization.
    • Dynamic content.
    • Email layout.
    • Email width.
    • User experience (UX).
  • Imagery: You are headed into the homestretch. Now let’s play with some shapes and colors:
    • Images.
    • Video.
    • Gifs.
    • Copy/Tone.
    • Whitespace.
  • Optimization: the finish line is in sight, time to put the final touches:
    • Web fonts & fallbacks.
    • Mobile optimization.
    • Call-to-Action (CTA).
    • Links.
    • Footer.

The Only Checklist You Need for Really Good Email Design [Infographic]

Campaign Monitor

Founded in 2004, Campaign Monitor is a global email marketing company with offices in Indianapolis, London, Nashville, San Francisco, and Sydney. The company has three products — Campaign Monitor, Emma, and Delivra — offers a full range of email solutions to help marketers create meaningful, lasting connections with their audience.Campaign Monitor aims to provide the best product and services for our customers, ranging from simple to use email marketing tools to marketing automation to full-featured email marketing platforms used by teams of all sizes worldwide.

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