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Black Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Guide


Given how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everything and small businesses, especially the ones owned by members of the Black community.

This guide will provide the essential tools and resources for Black business owners and entrepreneurs, keep on reading..

Supporting Black Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

It is reported that 18% of the small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) surveyed globally in June 2020 remained closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Moreover, 57% of SMBs that stayed open or reopened cited lower sales relative to the same 30-day period in 2019.
The Utmost Black Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Guide | DMC
Facebook wants to do its part to help Black business owners succeed. Therefore, they are providing financial donations and grants besides a variety of products, creative tools, and learning resources for Black entrepreneurs to leverage to expand their businesses.

Resources to Check Out

Earlier this year, Facebook launched multiple programs, including a $100M grant program to help small business owners dealing with hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To further support Black business owners and the Black community, Facebook double-downed on their first grant program with an additional $100 million investment to support Black-owner businesses, creators along with non-profits.

Businesses can go to to see whether they’re eligible and for more details about the program and how to apply.

It is reported that 50 % of businesses surveyed in 15 countries were making at least 25% of their sales online during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Facebook’s going to feature Black-owned businesses in the Businesses Nearby platform to help people find Black-owned businesses in their local community, besides click through to message them or shop with them.

The Utmost Black Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Guide | DMC

Additionally, Facebook created Lift Black Vices in order to highlight stories from Black people, inspire people in order to take action through fundraising for racial justice causes, and share educational resources.

However, talking about Instagram, Facebook will surface accounts in order to help people take action for racial justice along with continuing the #ShareBlackStories editorial series on @instagram, @creators, @shop, @design, and @instagramforbusiness in order to amplify the voices of Black creators, activists, artists, and businesses.

The Utmost Black Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Guide | DMC

The Table of Content of “Black Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Guide”:
  • Supporting Black business owners and entrepreneurs: How the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted small businesses
  • Resources to check out:
    • Access funding and grants
    • Explore products and creative tools
    • Participate in learning opportunities
  • Inspiration for action: How Black-owned businesses leverage our products and tools successfully

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