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Customers can change their loyalty from a brand, service, or product to another if what is offered does not fulfill their needs anymore. In order to keep the customers connected and loyal to you, you need to establish trust and credibility with your potential and current customers continuously.

As what they are actually looking for is how to connect with your business, to know their rights and how to contact you if something is wrong. And when they are interested in your business they will reach you through the “contact us” page, no matter your industry or what your buyer personas are like, every business should strive for a great contact us page.

Contact Us page is not only about listing a phone number that receives calls during the working hours or an email, but customers are also expecting more from you.

When designing this page you need to think of these questions to design a unique and satisfying page.

  • Are you clearly presenting multiple options for prospective and current customers to get in touch?
  • Are you setting expectations for response time?
  • Are you giving them a reason to reach out in the first place?
  • Revisit your contact page and give these questions some thought — your customer will notice.

Take notes while checking these “Contact Us” inspiring designs to help you out with your website:

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Inspiring Contact Us Page Examples by Industry

1. Artists Web—Agency

This independent digital agency allows people to reach out in a way that makes the most sense for them – whether that be via text or voice.

This approach not only lowers the barrier to outreach, but also allows for the potential client to deliver as little, or as much, the context has they feel comfortable with.

Agency Contact Us Page Example: Artists Web

Agency Contact Us Page Example: Artists Web

1. Shopify—Tech Industry

Aware that consumers want to connect on their terms, on their time, Shopify uses the space above the fold to clearly explain that the support team can be reached 24/7by email, live chat, or phone.

Below this call-to-action, it is listed the contact information for each office, alongside quick links to Google maps so you can easily plan for an in-person visit when applicable.

Contact Us Page Examples in Tech Industry: Shopify

Contact Us Page Examples in Tech Industry: Shopify


3. Stripe—Tech Industry

Stripe uses a clean and minimal card design to point visitors in the right direction: sales, help & support, or media & press. Below is included a live chat option, alongside a more general outreach email alias.

The page is easy to navigate while providing plenty of context for those looking to self-educate a bit before determining whether or not they need to hop on a call or send an email.

Contact Us Page Examples in Tech Industry: Stripe

Contact Us Page Examples in Tech Industry: Stripe

4. Dunkin Donuts—Food and Beverage Industry

Dunkin’s contact page boasts a helpful search box with the phrase, “How can we help you?” displayed prominently above it. This feature signals to visitors they the folks at Dunkin’ Donuts are here for them.

Below the box, visitors can find quick answers to frequently asked questions. Basic contact information – mailing address, feedback phone line, etc. -is tucked away into a simple dropdown menu to ensure a digestible design experience.

The Ultimate “Contact Us” Page Lookbook | HubSpot 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Agency Contact Us Page Example: Dunkin Donuts

5. MVMT—Retail Industry

The Ultimate “Contact Us” Page Lookbook | HubSpot 2 | Digital Marketing Community

Retail Contact Us Page Example: Scrollino

Download the full guide to check more inspiring designs to make your customers satisfied.

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The Table of Content of “The Ultimate “Contact Us” Page Lookbook”:

  • Introduction
  • 42 Inspiring Examples of “Contact Us” Pages by Industry:
    • Agencies
    • Technology
    • Food & Beverage
    • Retail
    • Transporation
    • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Conclusion

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