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In a world filled with distractions, as a content marketer, you have very interesting and hard work to do.

As a content marketer, you’ll be entrenched in the battle for likes, clicks, views, downloads, dollars, and leads. So, you must know how hard it is out there, as you’re not only fighting against your competitors but also short attention spans.

Let’s read this content discovery guide and figure out what to do!

Does Content Distribution Really Matter?

Does your content matter if you publish a blog but fail to reach your target audience? It is extremely crucial to reach the right audience in order to see positive results. Alternatively, the time, talent, as well as money spent on creating great content will be squandered.

The content distribution stage of a content marketing strategy is similar to the old Buddhist riddle, “If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

The Complete Content Discovery Guide in 2022 | DMC

Is it hard to reach your target audience? Well, we have the answer to why might it be hard for you to reach your target audience…

It’s all about content distribution!  Your perfect piece of content could be getting lost on its way to its ideal audience. Every minute, a new distraction vies for your attention. Your content, no matter how good, is statistically unlikely to come to the attention of the right person without being pushed.

The question now is “How should you compete among all of this competition?”, according to the “Content Discovery” guide, the following lines include what you should do:

Note that using a mix of paid and owned content distribution methods will give you the most reliable path to reaching your ideal audience.

So let’s start with owned platforms:

  • Leveraging your own website: This is simple and low-cost to post your content on your website. That means once you get your audience to your website, you’ll be in full control of the experience and engagement.
  • Your email list: This is a gem! if you have a database of users who’ve opted in for messages, they want to hear from you!
  • Social networking: This is just another way for your current audience to find your content. According to the “Content Discovery” guide, let them find your content by posting it across all of your social networks.
  • Content-sharing websites: There are a lot of websites that give you another chance to reach out to audiences where they’re already spending their time. For example, if you’ve got content that’s appropriate for YouTube, Pinterest, or Squidoo.

The Complete Content Discovery Guide in 2022 | DMC

As for paid platforms:

  • Content Discovery: Get your content recommended alongside the traditional editorial content on influential publisher websites.
  • Sponsored updates: This can be another way to make a push toward your target audience for a negotiated fee. We can see that the big social players all offer sponsored updates as a service.
  • Using the power of public relations: In order to do so, pitch blogs, and news sites about new ideas, research, and surveys you’ve launched. Also, you can reach out directly to bloggers with content that’s relevant to their interests.

Content Discovery: Your Content “Finds” the Right Audience:

Discovery technology is one of the innovations addressing our overtaxed attention spans as well as the tremendous choice of content items.

Smart, predictive algorithms are used by discovery platforms to match people with anything they might be interested in, such as articles, music, movies, apps, products, food, places nearby, services, and even other people.

The idea is simple and clear: when you know what you’re looking for, you use a search engine to find it. If you don’t, content discovery will present you with content that you might be interested in but were unaware existed.

You should consider content discovery to be a reverse search engine…

Content Discovery platforms recommend sponsored content on publisher blogs and sites via a widget positioned below or next to editorial content.  Moreover, Advanced mathematical algorithms predict what content users might be interested in.

Do you want to know more about “Content Discovery” download the guide now and start reaching your target audience!

The Content of “The Complete Content Discovery Guide”:

  • Does Distribution Really Matter?
  • How to Start Cutting Through the Noise
  • Content Discovery: Your Content ‘Finds’ The Right Audience
  • Recommending Your Content Alongside Editorial
  • How Discovery Is Different from Search and Social Ads
  • Why Content Discovery Is Taking the Online World By Storm
  • Discovery in the Service of Marketers
  • So, How do You Get Started with Content Discovery?
  • How to Choose a Content Discovery Platform

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