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In this fast-moving digital world, digital experimentation is the biggest thing ever. Experimentation is the key to winning in an increasingly digital world. It’s rapidly establishing itself as the way successful companies do business, from mega brands like Amazon, Visa, and Sky to numerous ambitious startups.


In brief, digital experimentation shows you what your customers really want, as opposed to what you think they might want. It allows you to test how products actually work, rather than just how they look.

In more detail, digital experimentation is not just about testing cosmetic changes to the text, layout, and imagery on your website, it also allows you to gauge the impact of changes to underlying functionality: a refined search algorithm, a new way of displaying recommendations, various price points and so on.

This, in turn, provides accurate, reliable insight into what customers respond best to, allowing you to continuously fine-tune every aspect of every journey across every digital channel.

This ebook will help you understand the five stages to implement a high-performance digital experimentation program, as well as the 6 key benchmarks that allow you to measure your progress towards unleashing the full power of experimentation.

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Download the Full Digital Experimentation eBook and Find Out:

  • The main five stages of digital experimentation and where you are on your digital optimization journey.
  • Some of the real world insights from brands including BBC and HP.
  • The six key metrics that help you measure your digital optimization progress.
The Digital Experimentation eBook: The main 5 stages of digital experimentation and where you are on your digital optimization journey

A Figure Shows the 5 Stages of Digital Experimentation 2019

The Content of “Digital Experimentation: The Way Forwards” eBook:

  1. A brief guide to experimentation
  2. The optimization journey
    • Section 1. The journey begins…
    • Section 2. The 5 stages in the journey
    • Section 3. Which stage are you at?
    • Section 4. So what do the four categories of the model look like at each stage?
  3. The 6 metrics to benchmark your program
  4. So… what now?

Number of Pages:

  • 18 Pages


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Founded in 2009, Optimizely is the world's leading experimentation platform, enabling experimentation and personalization across websites, mobile apps, and connected devices. Optimizely enables businesses to experiment deeply into their technology stack and broadly across the whole customer experience.Optimizely platform's ease the use and speed of deployment empower organizations to create and run bold experiments that help them make data-driven decisions and grow faster.

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