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Marketing campaigns make companies memorable. They promote a focused effort that guides current or potential consumers towards the desired action. Also, they give brands identity, personality, and emotion.

Years ago, running a marketing campaign meant writing a check, developing creative, and crossing your fingers that results would follow. But today, the marketing channels that marketers use become different, but many of the same problems remain. Some of these problems include disconnected tools and channels that makes it’s tough to measure results, and the experience for your leads often feels disconnected.

Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, inbound marketing campaigns are different. They are designed around one goal, across a variety of connected channels.

So, whether you’re planning your marketing strategy as a whole or developing a particular marketing campaign to achieve a specific goal, Hubspot’s team has put together a little plan to reduce daunting tasks to manageable ones.

This guide digs deeper into how to take a campaign from ideation to launch, so you can start seeing results sooner rather than later.

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A Focus on the 3 Questions to Guide the Offer Creation Process:

  1. Is this offer valuable to your target audience?
  2. Does this offer align with your business goals?
  3. Is this offer targeted to the right person at the right time?

Remember that it’s important the goals of your inbound marketing campaign should align with the stage of the buying cycle that you target, which will inform your content format.

The 2019 Marketer's Guide To Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence Marketing - AI Marketing - The Content Formats That Are Aligned With the Different Stage of the Buying Cycle You're Targeting

The Content Formats That Are Aligned With the Different Stage of the Buying Cycle You’re Targeting

Download the full guide and find out the full details.

The Content of “How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign” Guide:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: What Is an Inbound Marketing Campaign?
  • Chapter Two: Brainstorming a Campaign Idea
  • Chapter Three: Defining Your Campaign Personas
  • Chapter Four: Setting Smart Campaign Goals
  • Chapter Five: Creating the Offer
  • Chapter Six: Designing the Conversion Path
  • Chapter Seven: Preparing for Launch & Promotion
  • Chapter Eight: Measuring & Reporting on Campaign Results
  • Conclusion


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