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How to Write an Online Digital Marketing Plan for Your Small Business | Webyogi

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In order to write any digital marketing plan, there is a clear simple framework called the “SOSTAC planning model” that you would use. This simply means breaking your plan down into 6 elements:

  1. S – Stands for “Situation Analysis” and where you are now.
  2. O – Stands for “Objectives” you want to achieve.
  3. S – Stands for the “Strategy” which summarises how you are going to get there.
  4. T – Stands for “Tactics” which are the details of strategy.
  5. A – It’s for “Action” or implementing the plan of work.
  6. C – It’s for “Control” which means measurement, monitoring, reviewing, updating and modifying.

On another side, there are 7 simple steps for creating a digital marketing plan:

  1. Know thy target audience intimately
  2. Spy on your competitors to see how they are using digital marketing channels to reach customers.
  3. Prioritize your digital tactics and channels.
  4. Quick Wins – Your plan will be ‘right’ for your business depending on your business objectives and customers.
  5. Measuring results.
  6. Testing your plan by tracking your traffic, goals, and conversions in Google Analytics and other metrics like Facebook Insights.
  7. Monthly reviewing to see where your marketing tactics are driving results regularly and to adapt your campaigns to take advantage of new opportunities.
How to Write an Online Digital Marketing Plan for your Small Business | Webyogi

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