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Infographic: Email Marketing Cheat Sheet | MageMail

Email Marketing

The email isn’t Instagram or Snapchat. It doesn’t enable VR and AR capabilities, but while social media platforms can change their algorithms and limit your reach, it provides a more stable and direct connection to the targeted audience, most cost-effective way, besides being an option which can help you maintain your marketing productivity amidst the ever-shifting landscape.

To learn more about how can email opportunities maximize the email marketing strategy check the below tips:

  • Strategize.
  • Build your list to generate leads.
  • Personalization.
  • Trigger.
  • Recover.
  • Re-engagement or remove.
  • Mobilization.
  • Choose the best time.
  • Test.

Email Marketing Cheat Sheet [Infographic]


Founded in 2015, MageMail helps online retailers to increase revenue through stronger customer engagement and solves the major issue in the e-commerce industry which is the high rate of abandoned carts and subsequent lost revenue for merchants.The company offers a full suite of highly customizable email triggers and popups targeting customer behavior and events, such as wish lists, birthday reminders, cross-promotions, and also product up-sells.

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