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Infographic: How to Create Content That Creates Customers | PAYFORT

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Using social media and content to market your business is the biggest challenges which marketers have, as a content marketer is continuously creating new content that creates customers.

This infographic demonstrates how to create content to generate the new customers your business needs through 7 steps as follows:

  1. Write content that nudges users to buy from you, as 38% of businesses are using content marketing to drive sales.
  2. Make sure to answer “pre-buying” questions with content because almost all of the consumers do research in search engines before making any purchase.
  3. Create a long-lasting content and don’t create content that will be irrelevant in 6 weeks.
  4. Write a smart content attached to paid advertising.
  5. Make your content free for people to download and own.
  6. Provide a value through your content but also motivate people to come back for more.
  7. Give your audience a clear and smart call to action so they can take the next step.

Infographic: How to Create Content That Creates Customers | PAYFORT 1 | Digital Marketing Community


Established in 2013, PayFort is one of Amazons' companies, providing online innovative payment options to different businesses (e.g. government, education, airlines, travel, insurance, retail and many more eCommerce sectors.The company works with its customers first by understanding both their financial and revenue model; identifying areas of risk exposure, and payment processes to formulate strategies that maximize online payment acceptance.


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