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Consumer Behavior

There are a few crucial actions to take in order to keep website visitors on your page and eventually convert them into Loyal Customers. As there are many loyal customers benefits your company can definitely make use of them.

This guide will walk you through these steps to raise your conversion rate and demonstrate how to get more repeat business by integrating a payment system and giving your consumers an unrivaled experience.

We assist you in traveling effectively between Sweden, Norway, and Denmark by guiding you through the various consumer and payment trends in each of those nations.

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Consumer Trends:

Swedish consumers are cautious buyers who only buy when the price and the occasion are perfect.

They Value quality and utility over design and branding when making a purchase; Becoming less brand loyal; Which makes it harder in your website conversion rate process.

Their top items bought are gadgets, apparel and shoes, books, and furniture.

Scandinavian consumers are generally loyal to national brands, but when it comes to internet purchases, just half are loyal to the seller.

They always research products before buying them in stores or online. Clothing and footwear are their most popular product categories, followed by technology and media, sports, and leisure.

Danish customers are among the most picky in Europe, and thanks to new technologies and quick access to information, they can research products before making a purchase.

Their top four online shopping categories are clothing, electronics and media, games, and toys.

Achieve Unified Commerce:

In today’s business environment, unified commerce, or a consistent consumer experience across all of your commerce touchpoints, is essential.

All channels have a unique appearance and behavior, but they must function as the customer anticipates.

If a customer has a negative experience in your establishment or on your website, 71% of them won’t return.

73% of consumers expect brands to continue selling across multiple channels.

Loyal Customers: 5 Tested Conversion Rules & Elements | DMC

Convert Visitors to Customers With the Right Checkout Experience:

Increase your conversion rate optimization:

The customer’s final roadblock to getting what they desire is the checkout. As a result, it’s critical to assist them in completing their transaction and crossing the finish line. So how may the checkout conversion rate be raised?

The cost of shipping is the primary factor behind online order cancellations. But there are three distinct reasons why Scandinavian customers leave their shopping carts empty.

1. When unable to pay using their preferred method, 11% of Swedes cancel their purchases.
2. If the payment process fails, 9% of Norwegians decide not to make the purchase.
3. If their preferred method of delivery is not available, 7% of Danes choose not to buy.
Source: Sökar man sin, Adyen’s Guide Check out The E-commerce Report 2020 at converting. nets.

5 Tips on How to Increase your Website Conversion Rate Through Payments:

  • Redirect the customers to the checkout at the right time: The only thing preventing a customer from making a purchase is their checkout experience. Ensure that all customers may make payments easily, quickly, securely, and in line with their needs.
  • Offer the right payment method(s) at all checkouts: Nordic consumers have high standards for their payment methods. In reality, 39% of Nordic consumers claim to have canceled a transaction because the seller did not accept their preferred payment method.
    If you can adapt to all of the different user groups’ different behaviors, you will be successful.  For instance, invoices, Swish, and cards are very significant in Sweden, but they are relevant to different client segments, so be sure to satisfy them all.
  • Recognize the customer and increase conversion: To build customer loyalty, and simplify the checkout experience by using a token, you can recognize the customer and offer them a one-click payment.
  • Make sure your checkout works on all devices: You must be aware that both desktop computers and mobile devices are used to make purchases in eCommerce. You should adjust your checkout to work on all devices in order to create the greatest possible purchasing experience.
  • Keep yourself updated on risk management: Fraud can cause incalculable damage to your eCommerce site and overall reputation. Different tools for risk management can help you
    discover and reduce the risk of fraud, and you can enjoy a safer environment for your company.

Loyal Customers: 5 Tested Conversion Rules & Elements | DMC

Discover Their Preferred Delivery Method:

The ability to select from a variety of locations is the most crucial aspect of delivery. Therefore, offering delivery choice flexibility enhances your checkout experience and boosts conversions.

Loyal Customers: 5 Tested Conversion Rules & Elements | DMC


  • 39% prefer their deliveries to go through the mailbox


  • 52% (the majority) also prefer their deliveries to go through their mailbox
  • and only about 13% collect from the physical store.


  • 38% prefer to receive their orders during the daytime at home.
  • 20% collect it from a parcel machine.


There are many methods and ways to turn your visitors into customers and turn those customers into consumers as well as increase your overall conversion rate. You must follow the trends, keep up with the statistics and do your research before you implement your strategy.

This guide also discusses many important aspects of customer experience trends, how to practice good customer service that will increase your consumer’s brand loyalty, trends to help you set your cx bar higher, and much more aspects are discussed in this guide, download it now!

The Table of Contents of “Convert Visitors To Loyal Customers Online” Guide:

  • The Scandinavian customer expects a unified commerce experience.
  • Convert visitors to loyal customers with the right checkout experience.
  • Turn your visitors into loyal customers with the right customer service.

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