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Pay-per-click advertising should be an important part of your digital strategy, regardless of how big or small your business is, what industry you work in, or what you sell. Today’s marketing landscape has so much competition. Thus, relying on SEO alone is no longer an option.

But Why Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

PPC allows marketers to reach their targeted audiences fast, increasing the chance of attracting and converting high-quality leads. Marketers only pay when someone clicks your advert, so you’re not just wasting money on eyeballs.

In fact, Pay Per Click Ads can help you improve your SEO strategy, as you’ll discover popular keywords you should be targeting in both your paid and organic campaigns.

Download the Full PPC eBook and Find Out:

  • The PPC myths that are no longer true.
  • Everything you need to know to run an effective PPC campaign.
  • What the future holds for PPC.
  • A host of insightful and incredibly useful tips and tricks plucked from the minds of our Google experts that will help your company make a splash online.
  • Everything from getting your business set up on Google, to show you how to run and optimize your very first Google Ads campaign.

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The Content of “Pay Per Click and Beyond: The PPC eBook”:

  • The PPC Myths You Shouldn’t Believe
    • Myth 1. “PPC replaces SEO”
    • Myth 2. “You only need two ads to run a split test”
    • Myth 3. “The display network is only useful for brand awareness”
    • Myth 4. “Google Ad accounts practically manage themselves!”
    • Myth 5. “Manual cost-per-click (CPC) bidding is your only option”
    • Myth 6. “Last-click attribution is the best way to measure Google Ads performance
  • PPC in the Present
    • Campaign and Ad Group segmentation
    • Minimum requirements for Seller Ratings
    • Create audience lists for everything
    • Make full use of all ad extensions
    • Top 3 ad extensions
    • Use of correct keyword match types
    • Your weekly PPC checklist
  • The Future of PPC
    • Things will start to get personal
    • Entering the automation age
    • Automation and programmatic marketing
    • An emphasis on attribution
    • The future of attribution
    • Fancy a chat?

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