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Ramadan, which is the biggest content moment in the MENA region, is upon us. For people, Ramadan is a season dedicated to spiritual progress, a strong sense of community and discipline. But for advertisers, this holy month is an extreme test of impact and connectedness. For brands, it’s a great chance to grab more consumers and increase consumption.

If you’re looking to connect with the right audience during Ramadan and build a creative campaign with data-driven insights, then you need to read the Think with Google cheat sheet to make the most of this holy month.

The Content of “Ramadan Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet 2019”:

  • Step 1: Get Your Data-Driven Industry Insights Ready
  • Step 2: Plan Your Creative Approach
  • Step 3: Understand Your 6 Ramadan Audiences
  • Step 4: Unlock Your Media Plan
Ramadan Digital Marketing Guide for Marketers in 2019: The Consumers Behavior Ramadan Audiences

The 6 Ramadan Audiences

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