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Sales enablement isn’t just about sales – it’s about aligning the relationship between sales and marketing for coordinated efforts and collaborative success.

Sales enablement is the process of providing the sales organization with the information, tools, and content that help salespeople sell more effectively.

Great marketing makes the sales job more efficient and more predictable. Great sales programs capitalize and convert on great marketing. But the market-leading companies today and into the near future will continue to treat sales and marketing as a unified, coordinated, tightly blended effort.

It worth to be mentioned that in today’s digital marketing era, the average B2B sales professional spends just 33% of their time actively selling. The rest of that time is spent preparing, researching, updating CRM, in meetings or training, etc.

So, how to increase productivity and potential new business with minimal cost and zero additional labor?

This best practices guide is full of strategic and tactical advice to help your organization increase collaboration, efficiency, and results from sales and marketing working more tightly together.

Download the “Sales Enablement Best Practices Guide” and Learn the Principles to:

  • Optimize how marketing qualifies, nurtures, and hands-off leads.
  • Improve your sales processes to better convert from the marketing hand-off.
  • Increase collaboration, efficiency, and results between sales and marketing.

The Content of “Sales Enablement Best Practices Guide”:

  • A quick (and free) hack for measuring active selling time across your sales organization
  • 7 Reasons why your BDRs aren’t making quota
  • A Quick LinkedIn hack for adding detail to prospect lists
  • Why sales still don’t completely trust marketing
  • Why your sales reps shouldn’t be creating content
  • The top ingredient (and inhibitor) to sales enablement success
  • New Year’s habits worth forming for B2B sales professionals
  • 10 ways to increase the productivity of your sales team
  • How to sort, triage and interview BDR and inside sales
  • The most important training in your new year sales kick-off (SKO)
  • Your prospect’s assistant is an ally, not an obstacle
  • 3 foolproof strategies to convince your CEO to create an SDR team
  • Seven LinkedIn sales enablement best practices
  • Work the funnel, but sell to the buyer’s journey
  • Seven rules to improve the ROI on your capabilities deck
  • Three tips to avoid the creep factor of modern selling
  • 4 compensation tips to get more out of your lead generation team
  • The five W’s of sales call reluctance (and how to overcome them)
  • The importance of sales fundamentals (and four that really matter)
  • Three statistics that make the case for sales and marketing alignment
  • Nine mobile productivity tips for sales pros on the go
  • Does your sales process match your customer’s buying process?
  • The hidden, crippling damage of bad sales practices

Number of Pages:

  • 43 Pages


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