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It is imperative to know that even in the cases of a bounced visit, a lapsed user, or an abandoned cart, remarketing or retargeting is an essential tool for reactivating potential customers. But successful remarketing becomes increasingly challenging for brands as powerful media companies fragment the internet into walled gardens.

A recent study conducted by Ascend2 revealed that 45% of marketers consider remarketing\retargeting as their most effective tactic used to improve search and social advertising performance in 2018.

Imagine a potential customer who abandons a cart on your website or took a bounced visit. What is the next action after leaving your website? Does he/she visit a competitor’s website? Does he/she check her Gmail or Yahoo email? Or check the weather? Where will he/she spend his/her digital hours next week? On Social media networks? Buzzfeed? Listening to music on Pandora? Looking up recipes on AllRecipes? Can your remarketing program find her there? Can your competitor’s remarketing program find her?

To answer all of the above questions, Nanigans provided its comprehensive guide helps you to explore the different options CMOs and their marketing teams have for remarketing to consumers no matter where they spend their digital time. Download it now and figure out how to cut through the complexity and get down to driving growth.

The CMO’s Guide to Remarketing Also includes:

  • A precise explanation of the three internets (AdWords, Facebook Ads Manager and DSPs).
  • The three big remarketing challenges for CMOs.
  • Common remarketing strategies with the pros and cons of each.
  • A comparison of how well each strategy solves remarketing challenges.
The 2019 CMO's Guide to Remarketing to engage with potential customers: A precise explanation of the three internets (AdWords, Facebook Ads Manager and DSPs).

A Figure Shows An Explanation of the Three Internets (AdWords, Facebook Ads Manager, and DSPs)

The Table of Content of “The CMO’s Guide to Remarketing”:

  • Introduction
  • The Three Internets
  • Remarketing Challenges
  • Common Remarketing Strategies
    • The Channel Isolation Strategy
    • The Outsource Remarketing Strategy
    • The in-house Remarketing Strategy
  • Finding Your Path
  • About Nanigans

Number of Pages:

  • 15 Pages


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Founded in 2010, Nanigans develops Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based digital and mobile advertising automation software solutions. Nanigans advertising automation software empowers in-house helps marketing teams to drive incremental revenue with the most powerful and transparent cross-channel buying platforms.


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