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The Complete Ramadan & Eid Marketing Guide, 2017 | Qufi Creative

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Purchasing and spending rates increase dramatically in Ramadan, as Ramadan is the only religious festival in which marketing and advertising activities are carried for a whole month.

The following are the top tips for marketers to consider when breaking into the Muslim market during Ramadan:

  • Make sure to produce halal foods, mention the top halal authorities recognized, and label your product halal visibly.
  • Try hard to produce a personalized experience for the Muslim audiences and understanding their needs and values.
  • Take the chance if Eid-Al-Fitr to market suitable gifts, gift wraps, as well as festival decorations.
  • Bulk offers and Ramadan discounts are an important way to attract Muslim consumers.
  • Avoid the traditional kind of creative apathy about Ramadan event as it can only reflect a poor understanding of the Muslim audience’s rich cultural and religious heritage.
  • Use simple messages like “Happy Ramadan” or “Eid Mubarak” in packaging the products to achieve a great effect on consumers.
  • Do not hesitate to donate a share of the profits to donate in the month of Ramadan. Marketers may also share cooking recipes for Ramadan meals.

The Complete Ramadan & Eid Marketing Guide, 2017 Qufi Creative


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