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The humble San Francisco startup social network has dominated over 1 billion users and over 2 million active advertisers using the channel making it one of the world’s most influential social media marketing channels and the most effective way to engage with your future customers.

If you’re curious about getting your brand on Instagram, AdRoll has released its ‘Marketing on Instagram’ guide which covering everything from the basics of creating Instagram ads to leveraging the platform’s range of tools in order to create a successful ad campaign. You can also find the latest tactics of how to build awareness, grow your community, and reach users at every stage of the buyer journey.

Download the AdRoll’s handy guide today and start reaping the benefits for your business from Instagram.

What’s in “The E-Commerce Guide to Marketing on Instagram”:

  • Introduction
  • Instagram’s history in numbers
  • The basics
    • Creating a free business profile for your brand
    • Setting up your profile
    • Branding your profile
  • Instagram Ads
    • Photo Ads
    • Video Ads
    • Carousel Ads
    • Story ads
    • Instant Experiences Ads
  • Creating ads directly in the app
  • Using IGTV
  • Business success stories
  • Final best practice advertising tips: dos and don’ts
The Recommended Image Sizes for Instagram Ads

The Recommended Image Sizes for Instagram Ads

Number of Pages:

  • 16 Pages


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