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Running an online business is no joke, particularly when you have to compete with giants like Amazon, which have an endless marketing budget fuelling their advertising. The race to reach the first page of Google search results is robustly competitive. Trying to reach the first page, even with excellent SEO may take months or even a year. This is where paid ads come in.

But again, starting to advertise online is intimidating. AdWords is tough to navigate and if you don’t take advantage of all the features and strategies, your AdWords success can turn into a nightmare.

That’s why AdEspresso provides this Ultimate Google Ads Guide for beginners will take you through everything that you need to know in Google Ads that takes you from zero to hero in no time. The guide also covers everything, from why Google Ads is worth your time and money to a step-by-step tutorial to getting started and maximizing your potential.

The Search Engine Market Share, 2018 According to MarketShare - Google dominates the search engine market with over 72% of users worldwide

The Search Engine Market Share – Google Dominates With Over 72% of Users Worldwide

Content of “The Ultimate Google Ads Guide”:

  • Chapter 1: Top Reasons To Advertise on Google Ads
  • Chapter 2: How Does Google Ads Work?
  • Chapter 3: How To Setup Your Google Ads Account
  • Chapter 4: How To Do Keyword Research To Start Your First Campaign
  • Chapter 5: How To Setup Your First Ad Group and Write New Ads
  • Chapter 6: How To Setup Landing Pages That Convert
  • Chapter 7: Google Ads Bidding Optimization: What Method is Best?
  • Chapter 8: How To Create Custom Audiences in Google Ads
  • Chapter 9: How to Track Calls on Google Ads
  • Chapter 10: Google Ads Reporting: What Metrics and Reports To Focus on
  • Chapter 11: Google Ads Account Maintenance: How to Reduce Costs and Improve Performance Over Time


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