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The Video Marketer’s Guide to Watch Time | Tubular Insights

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There are many metrics and signals that YouTube takes into account, but the number 1 ranking factor is “Watch Time”. So creating content that keeps the viewer hooked is now the most import determining a video’s success.

Read the below tips to increase watch time for better YouTube ranking:

  1. Create engaging, entertaining content and build your subscriber base. Put in your mind that active, engaged, and enthusiastic subscribers will lead to a higher rate of accumulated “Watch Time” from the moment you publish new content.
  2. Hook the viewer within the first 15 seconds and give them a reason to stay as long as possible.
  3. Choose the right title and thumbnail. It is very critical for SEO. Use the most accurate, descriptive titles and thumbnails.
  4. Create interactive end cards. Try to extend viewer time spent in that particular session through promoting other video content that they can then click on to watch.
  5. Use annotations to keep the viewer engaged throughout. Keep in mind that once the viewer clicks and leaves YouTube, the session has ended. So, external linking can be a smart act.
  6. Create playlists & drive a linear viewing experience, So they may watch more of your content.

The Video Marketer’s Guide to Watch Time | Tubular Insights 1 | Digital Marketing Community

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