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Video Marketing

You might need to consider using videos in your marketing strategy because they make it easier to connect to easier.  Also, videos provide a good return on investment. however, your content needs to be really good.

Keep on reading this video marketing guide in order to know more.

More Information About Video Marketing:

Back in 2017, a HubSpot research report showed that 54% of respondents would like to see video content coming from businesses and brands they support. This is just one of many reasons why video marketing seems to be at the top of many marketer’s to-do lists this year.

No doubt that video marketing is a channel worth investing in, in order to achieve business growth. However, there are a lot of questions asked on how to get started.

Video marketing is a modern and engaging marketing strategy that introduces video content as a format for telling stories, delivering business messages, besides educating your audience, and so much more.

How to Have Productive Video Brainstorms:

Pre-productions is your planning stage and your opportunity in order to get all of your video ducks in a row. First things first, you need to spend a considerable amount of time thinking about the role the video could or should play in your larger marketing strategy.

How to have productive video brainstorms? before you start throwing ideas for your first marketing video, you need to determine what the overall goal of the video will be.
Here are some things to ask yourself:

  • According to the video marketing guide, you need to ask What do we want this video to inspire people to do? (buy a product, schedule a call, attend an event, read a blog post, etc.)
  • What resources do we have available to create the video? (talent, video editors, animators, equipment, etc.)

How to Write a Video Script:

So now your idea is ready and you want to start script-writing, so it is recommended that you start by putting together a simple and easy brief, designed to answer the following questions:

  • What’s the goal of this video? Why are we making the video in the first place?
  • Who is the audience of this video?
  • What’s our video topic?
  • What are the key takeaways of the video? What should viewers learn from watching it?
  • What’s our call-to-action? What do we want viewers to do after they’ve finished watching the video?

For more tips about video marketing check the full guide here.

What’s in The “Video Marketing Starter Pack” Guide:

  • Part I: Pre-Production
  • Part II: Production
  • Part III: Post-Production

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