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Only 29% of Americans Discover New Video Content via Social Media, 2017 | Nielsen

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54% of the general population in the US have watched a short-form video in the 3 months previous the survey. Plus 41% have purchased digital videos in 2017. But how can Americans discover the new in digital video content?

The vast majority of the general population surveyed in the US (60%) said that they discover new movies, TV shows or other full-length video content via word of mouth (family, friends or coworkers) compared to 67% of American teens and Millennials.

46% of the total population discovered these kinds of video content via commercials, ads or trailers on TV, while only 32% do so via commercials, ads or trailers online.

It worth to be mentioned that, social media sites and apps lagged behind all other sources of discovering video content with a rate of 29% of the general population and 45% of teens and Millennials population.

Only 29% of Americans Discover New Video Content via Social Media, 2017 | Nielsen

Graph Shows the Key Sources of New Video Content Discovery in the US, 2017.


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