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50% of US Smartphone Users Prefer Online Shopping Because of Hating to Wait in line, 2017 | Euclid

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US smartphone users prefer online shopping than physical stores (in-store) because they dislike waiting in line (50%), dislike moving to the stores (34%), and online shopping allows them to check a lot of choices than in a store.

What are the main reasons you DO NOT like shopping in a physical store

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Euclid illuminates identity and behavior in the physical world. Mobile-first customer provides the opportunity to recognize every visitor who walks in the door, understand what drove that visit and retarget to influence a purchase. Marketers from the leading retail and restaurant brands rely on Euclid's data platform to better reach, inspire and serve their customers, increasing their lifetime value in the process. Euclid's growing offline network captures hundreds of millions of monthly visits from over one billion unique devices across tens of thousands of locations.

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