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Security is The Most Motivating Factor That Influences Internet Users to Use Ad-blocking Software at a Rate of 30%, 2017 | PageFair

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While online advertising is the lifeline of many internet content platforms, the use of ad blockers has surged in recent years presenting a challenge to platforms dependent on ad revenue.
Some platforms disallow the use of ad-blocking software when viewing their sites, by using an ad-block wall. This technology allows websites to find if a visitor is using an ad blocker and if so, it refuses to give access to him.

Take a glance at the internet users motivation to use ad-blocking software:

  • Security is ranked as the most motivating factor that influences internet users to use ad-blocking with a rate of 30%.
  • Interruption is ranked as the second reason that motivates internet users to use ad blocking software with a rate of 29%.
  • Speed comes at next as a motivation factor with a rate of 16%.
The Global Ad-block User Motivations, 2017

A Chart Shows The Global Ad-block User Motivations, 2017.


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