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Why Documenting Marketing Strategies is The Key of Success, 2019

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Documentation is how marketers will understand whether or not they’re getting the desired results from their efforts and guide to make changes to their marketing strategy as required. Part of what makes a documented strategy so powerful is that every team member from content creators to senior-level directors and everyone in between can see the process of achieving the documented strategy goals process. Distribution plan should be a part of the documented strategy also, since knowing where and how you plan to distribute your content informs the type of content you create, how often you do it, and which processes you will be utilizing it for.

Take a glance at the percentage of B2C marketers that document their marketing strategy, 2019:

  • 39% of surveyed marketers are documenting portions of their marketing strategy.
  • 26% of surveyed B2C marketers mentioned that they don’t document their marketing strategy but they will create one in 2019.
  • 25% of surveyed B2C marketers indicated that they don’t document strategies and they have no plans to document it.
  • Only 10% of surveyed B2C marketers said that they document their entire marketing strategy.
B2C Marketers Documenting Their Strategy 2019

A Graph Showing The Percentage of Marketers That Document Their Marketing Strategy, 2019.


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