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Motivation Factors That Drives Baby Boomers to Advocate Their Favorite Brand Online, 2019

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Customer advocacy is an advanced form of market-orientation that responds to the new drivers of consumer choice, involvement and knowledge. Customer advocacy aims to build deeper customer relationships by earning new levels of trust and commitment. Brand advocates are more than just loyal customers. They identify with the values of their favorite brands and consider their buying choices part of their identities. They actively promote the brands they love and make a huge impact on the buying choices of their social circle.

Take a glance at the factors that drive baby boomers to advocate their favorite brand online:

  • High-quality products are ranked as the main motivation factor for surveyed baby boomers to advocate their favorite brand online with a rate of 48%.
  • Rewards are ranked as the second driver for baby boomers that motivates them to advocate their favorite brand online with a rate of 47%.
  • Receiving a great customer experience comes at next as a motivation factor for surveyed baby boomers to advocate a brand online with a rate of 38%.
  • When something is relevant to baby boomers interests is also ranked as a baby boomer consumer motivation factor that drives them to advocate their brands online with a rate of 35%.
How to enlist baby boomers as advocates 2019

                           A Figure Shows The Factors That Motivates Baby Boomers To Advocate a Brand, 2019.


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