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Consumer Personalization is The Most Important Big Trend in Digital Marketing With a Rate of 28.66%, 2018 | BrightEdge

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Marketing is taking on a leading role in digital transformation. Traditional campaign management has become worn out and is giving way to dynamic real-time communication. The Internet of Things opens up a number of new communication channels, contexts and data sources. Mobile marketing no longer only consists of mobile-optimized measures but now also incorporates the context of use and location-based services.

Take a glance at the next digital marketing big trend in 2018 from the digital marketer’s point of view:

  • Consumer personalization is ranked as the most important big trend in digital marketing with a rate of 28.66%.
  • Artificial intelligence is ranked as the second big trend in marketing at a rate of 25.69%.
  • Voice search comes at next as a big trend in marketing in 2018 at a rate of 21.23%.
The Next Big Trend in Digital Marketing, 2018.

A Figure Shows The Next Big Trend in Digital Marketing, 2018.


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