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Budget Availability is The Main Challenging Barrier of Implementing New Marketing Technologies at a Rate of 59%, 2017 | Ascend2

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Marketing efforts have to be constantly refreshed to just keep up. New platforms and features are released constantly, and marketers everywhere are rushing to adapt in an attempt to cut through the noise and clutter. Technology has given marketing an integral role in the sales process. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that marketing and sales efforts are aligned. User experiences are becoming more important and are happening across a widening set of touchpoints.

Take a glance at the most challenging barriers of acquiring new marketing technology:

  • Budget availability is ranked as the top challenging barrier of implementing new marketing technology at a rate of 59%.
  • Forecasting ROI is ranked as the second most challenging obstacle of acquiring new marketing technology at a rate of 44%.
  • Integration requirements come at next as a challenging barrier with a rate of 43%.
 The Challenges of Acquiring New Marketing Technologies, 2017.

A Graph Shows The Challenges of Acquiring New Marketing Technologies, 2017.

For more information, kindly check the “Marketing Technology ROI, 2017 | Ascend2” full report.


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