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Content Marketing Statistics You Need To Know For 2020

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Content marketing is not conceivable without a strategy. These content marketing insights proved that most companies use strategies, they don’t all have confidence in whether it is making a difference.

Without further ado, let’s get through the content marketing insights.

Content Marketing Strategy:

As reported, 77% of survey respondents said that their company had a content marketing strategy, but only 9% of those professionals evaluated their strategy as excellent. Additionally, 38% of the respondents described their strategy as average.

Content Marketing Insights You Need To Know For 2020 | DMC

  • According to the content marketing insights, 77% said that their company has a marketing strategy.
  • On the other hand, 23% said their company doesn’t have a content marketing strategy.
  • While 91% said that they use content marketing as an approach in their company.
  • On the other side, only 9% said they don’t use content marketing as an approach int their company.

Content Marketing Insights: 19% use Influencer Marketing for Their Content Distribution

It is no surprise that content marketing primarily operates with content assets.

However here are some insights about the content types which contribute to overall goals and how marketers are distributing these different forms of content.

  • Based on the content marketing insights, 28% of respondents stated they produce video content, and written content remains the most common form.
  • Moreover, the prevailing content formats are blog posts with a percentage of 86%.
  • In addition to emails with a percentage of 67%.
  • Case studies with a percentage of 42%, along with success stories with a percentage of 36%.
  • Finally, 19% of respondents produced original studies.
  • However, marketers considered social media (94%) and emails (76%) to be the most effective channels.

Content Marketing Insights You Need To Know For 2020 | DMC

  • According to the above chart, 94% prefer using social media for content distribution.
  • 76% prefer email marketing as their content distribution channel.
  • 46% of respondents say that they prefer PPC\paid advertising
  • Only 19% prefer influencer marketing as its content distribution channel.
  • 30% said external publications\ guest posting.
  • And just 16% said content syndication

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