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Content Marketing Funnel Insights: 95% of Marketers Create TOFU Content

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What is content marketing funnel? it is a system that helps a brand to attract potential clients besides guiding them through their journey from the first interaction to conversion to a paying customer.

There are 3 main stages of the funnel which are defined by marketing experts: TOFU (top of the funnel) attracts attention, MOFU (middle of the funnel) generates leads and BOFU (bottom of the funnel) drives payments.

Let’s get through the content marketing funnel insights for further information.

Content Marketing Funnel Insights: 95% of Marketers Create TOFU Content

Based on the content marketing funnel insights, it is reported that the vast majority of marketers create content for all customer journey stages.

Moreover, 95% of our respondents create TOFU content, 86% MOFU content, and 76% BOFU content.


Content Marketing Funnel Insights: 95% of Marketers Create TOFU Content 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Also, this makes sense because the main goal of a content marketing strategy is to attract a defined audience, engage it, and finally, drive profitable customer action.

The Biggest Issue faced By Marketers When Building a Funnel Was Creating Content 

According to the content marketing funnel insights, the biggest issue faced by marketers when building a funnel was creating content that generates lead with a percentage of 52%, besides attracting traffic with a percentage of 48%.

Moreover, another challenge is pushing these leads down the funnel with a percentage of 50%.

Check the following chart to know what are the most efficient channels for driving payments;

The Ultimate Content Marketing Funnel Insights 2020 | DMC

  • As shown, 73% said the most effective channel is email marketing.
  • Comes in second place with a percentage of 61% is organic search.
  • In third place and with a percentage of 47% is PPC\ paid advertising.
  • Followed by social media marketing with a percentage of 33%.

36% of Marketers Say That Conversion Rate Is the Most Important Metric Which Shows the Effectiveness of Marketing Funnels

Besides analyzing each stage of the content marketing funnel, the key factors, and challenges that impact content creation and implementation needed to be identified.

According to content marketing funnel insights,88% of those surveyed decide what content to create based on keyword research, and 73% on competitive research, which highlights the importance of SEO. 49% rely on in-house knowledge and experience – they use content audits and interviews with sales/customer support teams to decide on future content.

The Ultimate Content Marketing Funnel Insights 2020 | DMC

Based on the above chart, the majority of marketers measure the overall funnel effectiveness by conversion rate (36%)
Moreover, the number of payments (23%) and ROI/ROMI (15%).


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