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93% of Consumers Want Brands to Let Them Know How They Are Responding to COVID-19

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What is the best way to communicate with your target audience? Simply, it is advertising, as it plays a crucial role in society and the economy.

It helps you to inform the customers about the brands which are available in the market and many of the products that can be useful to them.

Advertising Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

  • Since the COVID- 19 outbreak and with 22% people – as surveyed due to the global impact of the coronavirus- lost their job, along with 24% who have had their hours cut.
  • There has been an increase and demand for watching the news, the percentage went higher, 60% watching more news.
  • Additionally, there are 40% watching more broadcast TV.
  • On the other side, there are 52% watching more shows via streaming services,
  • Regardless of these insights but advertising revenues are falling faster than it has ever recorded.

How Consumers Feel About Brand Advertising Since the COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things in the economy and society, research by GlobalWebIndex shows that almost no consumer is concern about brand advertising at this time.

The Ultimate Insights About Brand Advertising Amid COVID-19

  • The chart shows that the majority of people agree with 96% on brands pledging money\aid\supplies to help people.
  • With the same percentage of 96%, people want brands to provide practical information\tips which help people to deal with the situation.
  • 94% agree that they want brands to provide funny\light hearted videos or content to entertain people amid the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Along with 94% of people who want brands to run advertising which shows how they are responding to coronavirus or helping customers.
  • 93% of consumers want brands to contact customers to let them know how they are responding to COVID-19.
  • Lastly, 85% of people want brands to run normal advertising campaigns that are not related to coronavirus.

Consumers’ Attitudes Toward Running Normal Advertising Campaigns

Companies asked a portion of people how to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak and here are the answers as the following chart shows,

The Ultimate Insights About Brand Advertising Amid COVID-19

  • The percentage of people who strongly agree that they want brands to run normal advertising campaigns that are not related to COVID-19 is only 18%.
  • However, 34% of respondents somewhat approve along with the same percentage who reported that they neither approve nor disapprove.
  • A percentage of 10% reported that they somewhat disapprove.
  • Only 5% of respondents mentioned that they strongly disapprove of brands running normal advertising campaigns.


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