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The Top Customer Engagement Priorities by North American Retailers, 2019

Consumer Behavior | North America

The way that brands engage with customers is changing. The traditional engagement methods used in the past are no longer meet the needs of all the customers or brands. Effective customer engagement strategies will prolong the customer journey beyond a single purchase. It can work effectively to reduce churn rates and the more a customer feels ‘wanted’ the more loyal they are likely to become. This loyalty also has a knock-on benefit for companies. If an existing customer enjoys the experience they have while visiting your site they are very likely to advise their friends of this via emailed links and social media messaging. This is the perfect, cost-free way to increase exposure for brand, products and services. As customer expectations for an increasingly customized experience increase and evolve, retailers are adopting new ways to identify customers and personalize their shopping journey

Explore the top customer engagement priorities by surveyed North American retailers, 2019:

  • Customer identification/personalization of customer experience is ranked as the top customer engagement priority by surveyed North American retailers with a rate of 53%.
  • Customer mobile experience alignment is ranked as the second top customer engagement priorities with a rate of 49%.
  • Real-time retail comes next as a customer engagement priority by surveyed North American retailers with a rate of 43%.
  • Empowering associates with mobile tools also listed as a top customer engagement priority with a rate of 26%.
top customer engagement priorities 2019

A Graph Shows The Top Customer Engagement Priorities in 2019.

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