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What Are The Demands of Users Who Interact With Brands Through Messaging Applications, 2019

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While mobile web browsing is incredibly popular, applications are playing an important role in consumers’ mobile experience too. Brands may assume that app users are a narrow slice of the population, offering limited opportunities to reach those audiences. But many indicators revealed that this info is false. If you’re a brand and you don’t have an app strategy or you aren’t investing in your app development, then it’s going to be really hard for you to engage and monetize the fastest growing population, which are mobile shoppers but as more companies bombard shoppers with emails, fliers and in-store ads that push them to download their brand apps, people are getting savvier and less forgiving if they feel that an application performance is subpar.

Take a glance at what users who interact with brands through messaging applications want:

  • Providing useful apps and online services is ranked as the main demand of customers from their brands with a rate of 20%.
  • Giving users the chance to customize or personalize products is ranked as the second need by surveyed users from brands with a rate of 17%.
  • Providing personalized recommendations for purchases comes next as a demand from users who interacts with brands through their messaging applications with a rate of 15%.
  • Contributing ideas for new products/designs and providing video content are listed also as a demand from brands by users who interacts with them via their messaging apps with a rate of 14%.
Users who interact with brands on a messaging application want brands to

A Graph Shows What Users Who Interact With Brands Via Their Messaging Applications Needs, 2019.


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