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Visits to Websites Are Ranked as The Most Used Method For Measuring The Success of Digital Marketing by Australian Organizations at a Rate of 86%, 2018 | BangDigital

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Digital marketing certainly has changed from the early days of link building for organic SEO rankings and PPC strategies that ultimately depended on spending to climb to the 1st position. Every action taken online has the potential to be tracked and measured, and the sophistication of search- engine ranking algorithms has risen to the task of using that information to improve the results you see when you look for something online. They are measuring their success and optimizing based on the ever-increasing volume of digital information available.

Take a glance at how Australian organizations measure the success of their digital marketing:

  • Visits to the website are ranked as the most used method in measuring the success of Australian digital marketing at a rate of 86%.
  • Inquiries through the website are ranked as the second important method used to measure the success of digital marketing with a rate of 78%.
  • Increased engagement of website comes at next as an important method to measure the digital marketing strategies success with a rate of 65%.
How Australian Organizations Measure their Digital Marketing Success, 2018.

A Graph Shows How Australian Organizations Measure their Digital Marketing Success, 2018.

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